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Contact our team for guidance on how to navigate the changing arrangements for importing products into the UK and exporting from the UK to the EU. Our contact email:

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 Brexit Assistance List of Contents




                     EU Exit check list                             EU Customs Requirements              Incoterms 2020                





             Brexit Stages - Soft Launch                   EU-GB Import Process Map               GB-EU Export Process Map 






                       Customs Direct Representation                Master Data Questionnaire                             Terminology     






                           Phyto-Sanitary Controls                          Deferment Account                                Reading Materials     


Solstor require a commitment from our customers if you will be using  customs clearance services and we need your master data to start preparations. Please reach out to Solstor on the below email and we will send you our link to our Brexit Data System to get you Brexit ready.

Our contact email:

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