General Cargo Transport

Solstor have been providing secure, on time transport services for over 35 years. Our roots have always been in perishable fresh food transport and our culture has always focused on the service and communication to our customers. Our customers approached us requesting assistance with General Cargo movements as well, our philosophy has remained and we provide the Solstor service whatever the cargo.

Our Network

Over time we have used the expertise to broaden the focus of our operations, we are now providing transport solutions in many different short lead time supply chains. We deliver a variety range of non-food products in sectors such as: manufacturing, mechanical and electronic engineering, chemical, automotive, construction, textile and many others.

Full load, part load and groupage general cargo deliveries across Europe.

We now offer full load, part load and groupage general cargo services across Europe.

We have a range of trailer size solutions to ship any type of cargo securely and on time. Our full load, part load and groupage services are flexible, fast and available across Europe every day.

Flexibility of fleet

We have the flexibility to transport goods of any size throughout Europe, providing real added value to supply chains with efficiency in operations, unique route services and competitive freight pricing. When you need to move cargo within the UK or across Europe, we can always find room on one of our trucks and, your cargo will be delivered wherever and whenever specified.

Shipment visibility

We keep track of your important cargo throughout the journey. Our operations team monitor the progress of your delivery and make extensive use of GPS (Global Positioning System) devices fitted to our fleet. This enables us to keep an overview of your cargo no matter where it is to ensure we track collection and delivery time and to protect your cargo against theft.

Equipment operated

Curtainside trailers have sides which are movable curtains that give easy access to the cargo. We use curtain trailers for most shipments. Many of these trailers are capable for intermodal shipments. Dimensions are 13.6 x 2.45 x 2.7 m.

Mega trailers have movable curtains, a height of 3 m and lifting top cover, making the trailer suitable for your large volumes and cargo above 3 meters.  Dimensions are 13.6 x 2.45 x 3 m.

Tautliner trailers have side boards that are made of aluminium, which makes it easier to fasten the goods. Dimensions are 13.6 x 2.45 x 2.7 m.

Euroliner trailers are curtainside trailers that feature a sliding roof, sliding curtains, solid rear doors, 32 side boards and side gates. They allow for quick easy loading and discharges via the rear doors and open side access. Side posts can be moved from side to side to facilitate loading. Suitable for multi-collection and multi-delivery shipment. Dimensions are 13.6 x 2.45 x 2.7 m.

Jumbo trailers can be loaded from the back, from the sides and from the top. Dimensions of a jumbo trailer are 13.6 x 2.45 x 3 m (the 4 m long front end of the trailer is 2.6 m high).

Road trains have movable curtains, making the equipment suitable for your large volumes of cargo. Cargo can be loaded from the back, from the sides and from the top. Dimensions are 7.7 m x 2.47 m x 3 m + 7.7 m x 2.47 m x 3 m (38 euro pallets).

Box trailers are used for transporting high-value cargo or any other cargo that can be loaded on box trailer. Dimensions are 13.6 x 2.43 x 2.6 m.

Vans are fast and flexible when the delivery is urgent. We offer a selection of express vans aimed to move your goods from anywhere to everywhere. Whether you need a Standard Service or a Special Service we will find the right solution for you. Dimensions may vary. Some of them are equipped with Tail-lift (lifting mechanism for loading cargo onto the truck).

Flatbeds are used for special transport movements and out-of-gauge we use open trailers. Some flat-bed trailers have specific purposes such as carrying super-heavy loads and oversized equipment such as cranes and mining equipment.

Hanging garment trailers are used for the textile and retail industry. Dimensions may vary from smaller truck 6x2x2 to articulated lorry 13.6 x 2.43 x 2.6 m. Bars are provided with spring ends.

Dangerous goods or hazardous cargo

Dangerous cargo are subject to complex rules as accidents or incorrect handling may have serious consequences for humans, animals and the environment. The transportation and handling of dangerous goods or hazardous cargo is of high priority to us. That is why we have developed and implemented safety control procedures covering all links of the transport chain. The purpose is to prevent accidents and make sure that all rules and safety controls are observed.

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