Temperature Controlled Transport

Solstor’s beginnings are deeply rooted in the food service industry and with time we expanded our temperature controlled expertise into providing transport for pharmaceutical and manufacturing sectors becoming one of the best temperature controlled transport providers.

Our Network

Temperature control

We offer a wide range of temperature controlled road transport services in the UK, across Europe and beyond. Our customers range from a variety of sectors including retail, food service, manufacturers, pharmaceutical and electronics industries. We carry frozen foods, chilled foods, confectionary, produce and medicinal goods and much more.


Solstor offer full trailer load services for customers that have the scale to send up to 26 Standard pallets or 33 Euro pallets directly to their clients or distribution centres for onward consolidation and distribution.  Our customers that do not have the requirement to send a full trailer load can utilise our part load and groupage services with a minimum of just 1 pallet space required. In order to offer these services we have a range of vehicle types to make the most cost effective, Environmentally friendly and efficient solution for our clients supply chain.

Single temperature fridge box

Temperature range between +25 dc and -25dc.  Our trailers are authorised to carry all product types with ATP certification and FRC for frozen goods.  All of our fridge box trailers have locks and can be sealed for the added security which make them ideal for high value goods. All fridge trailers can either print a temperature report for the duration of the journey or this can be downloaded at a manufacturer’s facility across Europe.  Dimensions are 13.6m x 2.45m x 2.6m.

Double deck single temperature fridge box

Solstor offer the facility to use double deck trailers which allow commodities to be stacked higher without losing structural integrity with their packaging.  The floating deck is easily removable and can allow for differing height pallets to be loaded in the same trailer.  The trailers allow for increased utilisation with 50% more floor space which  makes both Cost and CO2 savings in the supply chain.

Dual temperature fridge box

Our part load and groupage services utilise fridge trailers with partition walls and two fridge units which allow for commodities of differing temperature regimes to be carried on the same load.  Our daily and weekly groupage services offer a frozen -25dc and chilled +2dc loading area. Our customers who require a bespoke temperature between -25dc and +25dc as a part load can book a load space with a minimum of 8 UK or 12 EURO pallet spaces.

Fridge vans

Solstor offer a variety of fridge vans. Our vans vary in size to suit our customers and range from sprinters with 2 pallet capacity to panel vans with 8 pallets. The vans are great for  special deliveries in emergency situations to make sure your customers are never out of stock of the goods that they need.

We also offer certified GDP services for our pharmaceutical customers in both controlled ambient +15dc to +25dc and cold chain at +2dc to +8dc or both with our multi-temperature loadings areas.  Our vans have been temperature mapped and have printable data logs on arrival at your customers’ premises.

Cross docking and temporary storage solutions

In order to gain the best utilisation from our vehicles, Solstor has access to a network of temperature controlled hubs across Europe with sites in Italy, Spain, France, Benelux, Poland and the UK.

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