Customs Direct Representative Authorisation

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If you  wish Solstor to  do your customs clearance please download our  Customs Direct Representation Authorisation, print, fill in and send back to:


Direct Representative Authorisation.pdf

Name of person signing, (who must have authority to sign on behalf of the importer)

Having authority to sign on behalf of:
(A) Legal name of importer or exporter

UK EORI number
Hereby appoint:
(B) Legal name of Customs Clearance Agent

UK EORI number

to act on behalf of the entity named at A above in the capacity of a DIRECT REPRESENTATIVE   in accordance with Articles 18 and 19 of Regulation (EU) No. 952/2013.  This authorisation is applicable to all relevant consignments arriving or departing from the UK
This appointment applies with effect from the date of signature until revoked by the entity named at A above.
The entity A named above authorises the customs agent named at Solstor to delegate customs clearance to sub agents as a DIRECT REPRESENTATIVE of the declarant in all dealings with HMRC where circumstances necessitate.
The entity named in A authorises their representative, the customs agent named Solstor, to declare goods to HMRC using:-
UK Deferment Approval Number (DAN) if you have one: VAT Number:
In accordance with the Union Customs Code, a DIRECT REPRESENTATIVE acts in the name of and on behalf of another person. In relation to import/export declarations, the importer/exporter will be liable for any customs debt arising from the declaration. Where the Customs declaration is presented in the same territory as that within which the entity named at A above is legally established the agent named at Solstor above will act as DIRECT REPRESENTATIVE.
Union Transit : In consideration of Solstor giving an undertaking in respect of a Community Transit operation (including Union Transit and Common Transit) upon instructions from A, A hereby indemnifies Solstor in respect of all and every liability which may be imposed upon Solstor in respect of the said transit operation, and A undertakes to make payment to Solstor forthwith and reimburse Solstor in respect of any expenses incurred by Solstor by way of duties, taxes, levies and any other charges whatsoever for which Solstor may become liable as a result of giving such an undertaking.
Signed Print Name
Position in company named at A above Date of signature
Please complete and return :



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