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CODE Description of process-Mainland EU model
EAD EXPORT DECLARATION. In order to export goods you must put them under customs control, this is done by creating an EAD export declaration. It is also the control mechanism for zero rating VAT on the basis that goods are leaving the customs territory. EXS auto generated.
ENS ENTRY SUMMARY DECLARATION. Alerts the import border of your imminent arrival. It is not auto generated by another process as the import declaration, in many cases, can be done later whereas the ENS must be lodged at least 2 hours before you arrive at the border.
IMP IMPORT DECLARATION. Normally submitted electronically. Accounts for import duty and VAT in the destination country and also declares any additional trade measures such as export health certificate.
TAD TRANSIT ACCOMPANYING DOCUMENT. Two types of transit : UNION where goods are travelling from EU to EU via UK (no export or import required) and COMMON where goods are passing through the initial border un-cleared with customs clearance taking place inland. Both transit procedures carry a risk and you may be required to pay a deposit to cover the bond.
EHC EXPORT HEALTH CERTIFICATE. Most POAO (products of animal origin) require an EHC. An EHC must be issued by the exporter and endorsed by an authorised vet prior to despatch.
PHYTO PHYTOSANITARY CERTIFICATE. If an EHC is for products of animal origin then consider phyto is for products of plant origin. Again it should be issued by the exporter and endorsed by the appropriate authority.
TRACES Online tracking and control system for EHC and phyto movements. The export movement is registered and the BCP (Border Control Post) nominated. Submission of the TRACES entry generates a document reference number which should be declared on arrival at the BCP.
IPAFFS Import of products, animals, food and feed system in to UK must be registered in IPAFFS. Consider it the UK version of TRACES. So EU export will be on TRACES and UK import on IPAFFS
BCP BORDER CONTROL POST (previously referred to as a BIP). Goods covered by EHC or phyto must be presented at the BCP when they first enter the Customs territory. Be aware that there is normally a charge levied by the BCP of around €50 per consignment to be checked.
DUTY Duty rates in EU and/or UK are not yet set, they might be nil. Information not likely until Q3 2020 at the earliest. If duty is payable it will require a deferment account with customs to pay. If importer has own deferment there is no charge. If agent deferment is required, charges apply and payment will normally be required in advance.

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