GVMS frontier control mechanism.

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 GVMS requirement on import from EU to GB from the 1st of January 2022


To all hauliers and customers as of 01/01/2022, the GVMS system is going to be in place as a frontier control mechanism. 

 You will not be able to move goods without a goods movement reference (GMR) and you will not be able to cross in the UK without the number being scanned.

If Solstor are managing your transport but are not managing your customs clearance.  We would need to have your MRN from the UK import clearance or your EORI number if you are approved to make an entry in your records from January’22 (EIDR) before we arrive at the port of departure.

Our vehicle will not be allowed to board the ferry or train to the UK without the GMR number.

Please allow enough time for the GMR to be created.- We must have all entry numbers a minimum of 2 hours prior to arrival at Port and between the working hours of 08:00 – 15:30 Monday to Friday.

Please explore:

If you are a haulier   who will provide Solstor with transport services the below process is applicable to you, please review and check if you are GVMS READY!