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Are you BREXIT Ready – Solstor are ready to help if not!

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We have 22 days left if the UK Government wants to extend the transition period with the EU.

If there is no extension the UK’S transition period with the EU will end on the 31st of December 2020. We have 206 days to go, please do not leave it until it’s too late!

Are you BREXIT Ready – Solstor are ready to help if not!



Brexit will generate an additional 200+ million Customs declarations per annum. Expertise is in short supply and Customs agency capacity is not ready for a five-fold increase in the volume of transactions.

Solstor are a founding member of the Customs Clearance Consortium (CCC), a specialist 24 hour Customs agency set up purely for the additional volume generated by Brexit. We have spent two years preparing for day one and are well advanced. It is vital that we can handle transaction data quickly so that Customs formalities do not become a bottle-neck in the process, but that depends on you!

We are actively working with many of our customers to establish which elements, if any, will be managed by customer teams and to identify where Solstor can support with the provision of an IT system specifically for Brexit customs clearance transactions. We have developed an online tool to efficiently process the collection, collation and verification of Customs data.

Testing has been completed and we are ready to build the essential master files and verify coding which will be used when the process goes live. This is a vital step and should not be under-valued. The type of information which will be collected is:

*What processes, if any, you are planning to manage yourself

*EORI numbers of all relevant parties

*Incoterms to identify if DDP (or ex works) is involved

*Commodity codes to check accuracy and additional requirements

*Origin data to ascertain duty liability

*Deferment account for payment of duty (if you have one and if duty eventually applies)

* Duty reliefs and simplifications (to reduce duty liability where possible)

 Our system is ready for the Master data now. Please do not delay and make sure you are discussing your future transport and customs service’s requirements with the Solstor team. We advise early contact with the team in order to avoid disappointment!


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