Scandinavia and Finland new addition to Solstor expansion in Europe


Solstor opening office in Denmark

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We welcome Terkel Kildegaard Jensen into the business to expand our routes and trade in and out of Scandinavia. Terkel has 30 years’ experience in temperature controlled logistics and this knowledge will help drive trade routes across the EU and into and out of the UK.

 Reaction from existing clients has been very positive as we now offer a much more comprehensive network of solutions covering Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland.       We are also excited to see new customers finding their experience with Solstor on new routes offered.


Terkel is based close to Copenhagen and he looks forward to helping many more companies with both temperature controlled and general cargo movements in this region. Scandinavia and Finland with a population of 26.7 million is the leader in food industry with an estimated market value of approx. 83.3 Billion EUR.  It makes Solstor's presence in the market necessity more than ever before. Quoting MD of Solstor UK Ltd.  Graham Doe “You cannot miss on the opportunity. We need to be close to our customers. We want to be close. ”

New trends in organic and plant based products change the face of Scandinavian food industry rapidly. It is only logical for companies like Solstor to assist our customers as an integral part of their supply chain. Terkel’s team and clients portfolio grows giving us robust position among Scandinavia transport companies.