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Transport Management System (TMS) – Tracking Integration.

Our operation is on a continuous journey to innovate and improve. Demands such increasing productivity, meeting and exceeding environmental legislation, keeping health and safety always in front of mind and delivering great service to our customers are all areas constantly under review at Solstor.


Together with our IT team we are working on our Transport Management System (TMS) to improve its performance and bring added value to the business resulting in costs savings, greener transport, safer roads and more value to our customers. Our new functionality allows for a live view of our operations in one place including all drivers hours, vehicle locations and delivery progress all under the one umbrella of our TMS. Geo-fenced locations and live status colour coding allows the operations team in being pro-active in managing situations immediately as they are flagged up live time on the screen.


Good telematics systems have existed for a long time on the market but what Solstor really needed was a responsive system which fully integrates all data feeds into one easy to use interface. Besides managing the day to day operation the new functionality is really helping us to make predictions and improve our strategic fleet management and planning processes.  

Solstor is heavily involved in both time sensitive and temperature controlled transport services and the need to provide the highest quality service is paramount. Simultaneously, the pressure to reduce costs is equally high and continual investment in our modern online telematics platform integrated with our TMS generates sustainable efficiency improvements.